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Why Honda -

In 1970 Honda pioneered the All Terrain Vehicle for farming and wherever access across rough ground was needed, firstly with their 3-wheelers, then with the 4-wheelers that we see today. Today, millions of off-road quads are still in service, and the field has opened up to include race quads and leisure quads.

Still, spares are easily available for even the earliest machines. And the modern machines are so reliable that spares are almost never needed. 

Our customers know that we have tried every make of quad and most of the other manufacturers’ models — but bottom line is that none makes them as well as Honda.

Shaft drive -

So no belts, chains or rubber bands to break : power goes straight to where it’s needed, the driving wheels.

Engine -

It is a Honda, say no more—and the same goes for the transmission.

Electrics -

Waterproof! Even under water!

Reliability -

Again, it’s a Honda.

Brakes -

Sealed and waterproof.

Bearings -

Top quality with the best seals in the business (Hit them with a hammer and they stay whole).

Resale value -

The highest of any quad.

Bodywork -

Honda chose not to use the cheaper plastics, so they keep their finish.

Every new innovation came from Honda -
4x4, Electric gear change, power assist steering, Traxlock, 12 volt electrics, digital dash; the list goes on, enough to say that they have hundreds of patents just to protect the finest engineering in quads today.

About Us -
What we do is simple. We know that what goes around comes around , so we make sure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Because we know what we are talking about, we can help you find the Honda Quad to suit your present and future needs. We always make every effort to sell the right model for the intended use. It does our reputation no good if we sell an over-powered or underpowered model, or a 4x4 when a 2x4 would do the job.


Telephone: Peter 087 677 7569


Aron 086 815 9827
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We Are Irish owned, vat registered and operate throughout the 32 counties. Free delivery.